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Based in Ashgrove, TLC Trees and Co has been serving Brisbane North for over ten years, providing tree services with the highest levels of quality. Our team of arborists has an AQF 5 qualification, which makes us experts in all types of jobs, whether they’re simple or complex. We offer a range of services, including land clearing, tree lopping, arborist reports, tree removal, tree felling, and stump removal.

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From Land Clearing and Palm Tree Removal to Tree Care and Stump Grinding - We Offer All Types of Tree Maintenance in Northside Brisbane!

As an experienced team of arborists in Brisbane’s Northside, we provide a variety of expert tree services to give trees the tender, loving care they deserve. 

Tree lopping

Our expert arborists offer tree lopping services across Brisbane North. It involves removing tree limbs and branches to change their shape. Your consulting arborist may recommend this service if the tree is growing in a way that harms your property’s structure or could potentially lead to health and safety risks.

Tree removal

If you need a tree removed from your property, our tree removal Brisbane service can take care of the job in the safest and most efficient manner. Removal can be necessary if there’s a risk of it falling and causing damage. We also recommend it if the tree’s roots are disrupting your property’s foundation, the sewerage lines, or growing into your neighbour’s property. 

Tree felling

If you require tree-felling services, our team is equipped with the right tools to get the job done safely and efficiently. Fallen trees can be a major safety hazard, especially after a heavy storm, and you should never try to cut them down yourself. We recommend this service if you’re worried that a tree may fall and potentially injure someone.

Stump removal 

Leaving the stump after cutting down a tree can lead to pest infestations and potential property damage like uneven pavements, busted pipes, and cracked foundations. You can call in a qualified professional from TLC Trees and Co to remove it and prevent the risk of these issues while improving your property’s aesthetic appeal. 

Land clearing 

If you’re preparing a piece of land for development, we offer affordable and timely land clearing services in Brisbane.  For this process, we use the latest equipment and safety gear to remove trees and unwanted vegetation, such as shrubs and bushes. We’ll make sure that the land is fully prepared for further development projects.

Fully insured and qualified Brisbane Arborists and Tree surgeons in Northside

As a reputable tree services company in the North Brisbane area, TLC Trees and Co takes pride in complying with Australian standards of practice and complete safety guidelines. Our team of experts has an AQF 5 level qualification, which is the highest level of qualification a professional arborist can achieve in Australia. To acquire this certification, our team members go through many hours of hands-on practice and learning. It allows us to ensure the highest levels of professionalism in every task, no matter how big or small. 

Besides being skilled, our team has complete public liability insurance coverage, so you can rest assured when you hire a professional from our company. Having served the area for over 10 years, we’re an experienced arborist Brisbane Northside locals can trust. We have local arboriculture expertise and extensive knowledge about the common issues home, and business owners face when it comes to trees. 

Why Hire Our Tree Surgeons For Quality Tree Maintenance

Wondering why you should hire our arborist services North Brisbane locals recommend? Here’s how we make sure to provide unmatched customer satisfaction and fantastic results. 


We're Always On Time

We understand that some jobs are time-sensitive, especially after a storm or when you’re on a tight deadline. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing timely services with each task. And we don’t just arrive on time – we get the job done on time and as per schedule! That way, you can get back to your daily routine without any hiccups. 


Licensed and Insured Tree Surgeons

Our team members are fully licensed as per standards to ensure that each job complies with local regulations. We also make use of appropriate safety gear and follow guidelines to prevent the risk of any injuries while working. Not to mention, we’re fully insured, so you don’t have to worry about any liability concerns.


We Clean Up After The Job 

Once we finish the job, we want you to find the place just as you left it. And as a customer, you should never have to worry about cleaning up after calling in a professional. That’s why our team cleans up any debris or waste left over after the job and disposes of it responsibly. 


Affordable Tree Surgery and Maintenance

Lastly, we make sure that our entire range of services is affordable for our customers. After all, the last thing you should worry about is any extra charges or fees when you need reliable services. To know how much our services will cost, get your free quote today. 

Get a Tree report from an expert Arborist Brisbane Northside locals trust

We provide detailed reports on the health condition of your trees. These reports also mention whether there are any safety risks involved, like broken, hanging branches, or overgrown roots. Based on the information in the report, we offer recommendations on the best course of action so you can make the right decision. 

The latest equipment for professional Tree surgery and arborist services North Brisbane Recommend

From palm tree maintenance to pruning services, there’s a tool for every job. And with every job, we meet safety standards by using the latest equipment and gear. It’s why our team of qualified specialists is equipped to handle jobs of every scale and size. When you try to prune or remove a tree by yourself, it can be very dangerous for you and the surrounding property. That’s because most property owners don’t have access to specialized equipment designed for such services. 

On the other hand, we use a range of tools and machinery for proper care and maintenance. This includes our 16 and 18-inch bandit wood chipper machines for removal, a 17m Boom lift for pruning tasks, a Red Roo stump grinder, and much more. We also employ proper safety gear so each task aligns with local standards. 

Wood chipper Brisbane Northside
Stump grinder Brisbane Northside
Boom lift Brisbane Northside

Whether You Need Tree Pruning or Trimming, Contact Us To Get a Free Quote on Tree Maintenance Jobs

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re searching for qualified and friendly arborist services North Brisbane locals recommend, our specialists at TLC Trees and Co check all the boxes! Whether you need tree cutting or surgery services, we ensure customer satisfaction, integrity, and reliability. Call us today to speak with one of our arboricultural experts about your tree care needs and get an obligation-free quote. 

We Provide Tree Services in Ashgrove and all of Brisbane Northside

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