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If you’re a property owner seeking land clearing services in the Brisbane Northside, Queensland area, our team at TLC Trees and Co can help! We’re an Ashgrove-based company that provides a range of tree care services to enhance your landscape. This includes tree removal Brisbane locals can trust, tree trimming, and landclearing. All our land clearing Brisbane Northside specialists are licensed and well-equipped to offer a wide range of services. 

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Our Arborists Handle Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, and Mulching 

We can take care of residential and commercial land clearing jobs to ensure that the property is prepared for a construction project or further development. The process starts by surveying the property and understanding the scale of land clearing services required. We start by cutting down trees and clearing away small trees and any brush. After we remove trees, the stumps need to be removed to create an even surface. Here, we use specialized equipment to grind the stump and remove the roots. We also turn the stump into mulch and dispose of any other waste to give you a block of clear land. 

We maintain a flexible approach for each task to ensure that the results are in accordance with your preferences. So, if you want us to leave certain trees to improve the look and character of the block, our team can retain them. 

Hire a Licensed and Experienced Team for Land Clearing

When the job involves removing large trees, hiring inexperienced tree loppers or doing it yourself can be dangerous. Our professional arborists are AQF 5 qualified and have public liability insurance to address any concerns surrounding liability. We’ve gone through extensive training to use the latest equipment for each job. From our Red Roo stump grinder to our 18-inch wood chipper, all our machinery is maintained on a regular basis to provide efficient services. We also complete each job in accordance with local health and safety codes to ensure a safe and efficient process. With a decade of experience, rest assured that we have a thorough knowledge of common tree issues throughout Brisbane North and the expertise required to fix them. Hence, we’re able to complete each job efficiently and professionally. 

Why You Need Land Clearing and Tree Removal Services

There are numerous reasons to get trees removed and land cleared. 

    • Removes dead or decaying trees to prevent the spread of disease 
    • Removing trees to make space for new construction
    • Clearing away debris and weeds can improve soil health 
    • Addresses overgrowth to prevent pests from spreading 
    • Reduces the risk of a fire spreading 
    • Promotes healthy tree growth in the area
    • Developing wooded areas for development 

Whether you need to clear a small block of land or a wide area, our Brisbane tree removal company will get the job done right the first time. 

Why Choose Us For Tree Services in North Brisbane

Wondering how we provide the best Brisbane Northside tree services? Here’s how our friendly team does a brilliant job each time:


We're On Time!

When the job calls for emergency tree removal, time is of the essence. It’s possible that a tree may fall, causing injuries and property damage. That’s why we make sure to reach on time and get the job done according to the scheduled deadline. 


We Survey The Area

Whether you need residential or commercial tree services, we start the process by surveying the area and looking for any obstructions like power lines or sheds. This is so our team of professionals has a complete plan for removing different trees and clearing the property. 


We Clean Up Afterwards

We believe that we haven’t completed the job until we’ve cleaned up afterward. That’s why we offer stump removal and disposal of other waste materials to leave the property clean and clutter-free. 


We're Highly Skilled

Our team of qualified and highly trained arborists has the right skills and a decade of experience for the job. We’re also equipped with the best tools and machinery, whether you need to remove a tree or tree lopping services.

Our Team of Tree Experts Offers Tree Pruning, Tree Lopping, Palm Tree Removal, and Other Arborist Services!

Our professional arborists also offer various tree maintenance services across Brisbane North. This includes pruning existing trees to encourage healthy growth, trimming to address overgrowth, and tree lopping to improve appearance and shape. If you want to know what type of tree care your garden needs, our team of experts is ready to help by scheduling a tree survey for your property.


Need Land Clearing Services in Brisbane Northside? Call Us Today To Get a Free Quote 

Are you looking forward to a major construction or development project and need timely land clearing services? In that case, call us at TLC Trees and Co to get a quote. You can speak to one of our expert Arborist Brisbane Northside tree specialists about the scale of your project and how we can help. 

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