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Need to get a tree felled? We have just the team for the job! Based in Ashgrove, TLC Trees and Co has been serving the suburbs of North Brisbane for over ten years. We offer all kinds of tree work, including tree removal, trimming, and pruning services. We have highly skilled team members who follow best practices and ensure reliability by using the latest equipment. 

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Tree Removal by Licensed and Fully Insured Arborists

When you’re looking for tree lopping and tree removal services, you need a skilled Arborist Brisbane Northside for the job. Our AQF 5 arborists are fully licensed to ensure that each job aligns with Australian standards of practice. Equipped with the latest machines and safety gear, we ensure that each job is completed as per health and safety codes. We’re also fully insured to prevent any liability issues down the line. And since we have a decade of experience in providing reliable services across Brisbane, we’re well-versed in the common tree-related issues property owners face and know how to fix them.

Why You Need Expert Tree Lopping, Felling, and Removal

There are many reasons your Brisbane North home may need tree-felling services: 

  • The tree has weakened due to storm damage and could fall, causing injuries and property damage
  • It’s decaying, which can result in pests such as termites 
  • It’s diseased, and there’s a risk of the disease spreading to other trees 
  • It’s causing structural damage to the foundation or plumbing 
  • You need tree felling for land clearing when building a new structure
  • It’s leaning over a public walkway, or is encroaching on your neighbor’s property

Removing an old tree can tidy up your landscape and give you more room to build a pool, patio, or even grow a new tree.

Why hire our experienced team for Tree cutting and Tree felling

Here’s what makes us the best tree removal experts in Brisbane’s Northside and surrounding areas. 


We Get The Job Done On Time

Whether it’s tree lopping Brisbane North residents can trust or tree trimming, our team arrives on time and gets the job done according to schedule so you can go back to enjoying everyday yard activities. 


We Plan Every Job 

We carefully survey the area to narrow down the best way of felling a tree. This helps us determine whether a tree can be felled in one go or if it needs to be cut down piece by piece.


We Maintain Safety Standards

To get the job done in the safest and most efficient manner, we comply with current safety codes and are equipped with the latest machinery. Our equipment undergoes regular maintenance so we can meet high standards of work.


We're Fully Qualified 

All our team members are licensed and insured to provide tree services with the highest levels of quality and care, as well as professional results. With ten years of experience, we make sure to provide impeccable workmanship.


We Clean Up After 

Once our qualified arborists remove trees, we make sure to clean up by turning the felled trees into mulch and offering stump removal. Removing the stump helps prevent pests like termites, as well as potential trip hazards.

We can handle Tree pruning, Stump grinding, Palm tree removal, and more!

Besides tree removal, we also provide tree maintenance services, such as pruning, trimming, and lopping. Our aim is to ensure quality tree care in the safest way, and that’s why we survey your garden’s area to avoid the risk of injury or property damage. To know which of our professional services you need, get in touch with our arboriculture experts and request a quote. 


Contact a reliable Tree felling Brisbane Northside team today!

Trees can become a safety risk due to disease, storm damage, or overgrowth. Don’t wait until it’s too late to call in tree felling specialists. Call us today to hire our highly trained team for tree removal services and get an obligation free quote. 

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