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At TLC Trees and Co, we offer tree lopping services to keep your trees in good shape and prevent them from becoming a safety hazard. By cutting down damaged parts and overgrown branches, we reduce the risk of them falling down during a storm and causing potential injuries and property damage. It also maintains the tree per your desired shape while avoiding the risk of overgrown branches tangled in power lines. Because it involves cutting branches at a height, tree lopping is very dangerous without the right skills or equipment.

Based in Brisbane’s Northside, our tree removal experts have over ten years experience in tree lopping and tree removal. Offering a range of tree services like tree pruning, trimming, and stump removal, our AQF 5 arborists are qualified to provide the highest level of care for your trees. 

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Expert Tree Removal in Brisbane Northside

You may need to remove a tree for many reasons, including protecting your property and keeping your family safe. Unsafe trees can become a hazard and lead to extensive damage if they fall. When trees experience serious storm damage, they’re at a higher risk of falling. We only carry out palm tree removal when it’s necessary, but our first approach is usually to provide tree trimming or pruning services to save it. 

Professional Services by Experienced Team of Fully Insured Arborists

You don’t want inexperienced or unqualified tree loppers Brisbane Northside handling the trees on your property. That’s why each Arborist Brisbane Northside on our team has AQF 5 level qualification, which is the highest level an arborist can achieve. We’re trained to use the latest equipment and implement current arboriculture safety guidelines to provide tree lopping services in accordance with Australian standards of practice. All our team members are well-versed in health and safety codes and are fully insured to address any liability concerns you may have. 

Why You Need Tree Lopping and Removal Services 

When possible, our tree pruning Brisbane Northside team recommend trimming and pruning a tree to withstand weather conditions. But when it has suffered from extensive damage due to a storm, tree cutting is the safest option. We recommend tree lopping for the following reasons: 

  • It involves trimming dead and decaying branches that could fall, causing injuries or property damage as a result. 
  • With tree pruning, our arborists remove decaying branches, encouraging the growth of healthy branches. 
  • We trim and maintain the branches to improve the overall appearance of your trees.

Why Choose Us For Tree lopping near me in North Brisbane

Wondering how we provide tree services with the highest level of professionalism and quality? For every Brisbane tree removal and tree lopping near me job, we make sure of the following:


We Make a Plan

Our qualified arborists start by conducting a survey of the surrounding area and forming a plan to prepare for the job. We check the area for potential hazards like powerlines and consider the best approach. Although we can cut down some trees in one go, others need to be removed step-by-step. 


Safe Tree Removal and Lopping from Tree loppers Brisbane Northside specialists

Once we decide on the safest and most efficient manner to lop or remove a tree, we make sure that the process is safe and doesn’t affect any surrounding property. We do this by using the latest equipment, including wood chippers, boom lifts, and more. 


Post-Job Stump Grinding

After a tree lopping or removal job, we also provide cleanup services to ensure that the property looks better than how we found it. Through stump grinding, we remove any remaining traces of the stump, preventing future pest infestations and a potential trip hazard. 


We're Licensed and Insured Tree loppers North Brisbane

Our reliable tree experts are licensed and insured to maintain the highest standards of work. It’s how we’re able to offer the best tree lopping Brisbane Northside locals can trust. Our decade of experience offering services in the Brisbane North suburbs gives us the expertise to ensure customer satisfaction. 


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Don’t wait until there’s no option left but to remove trees from your property. Call us today for an obligation free quote on comprehensive tree lopping and tree removal Brisbane Northside residents can trust. Speak to one of our experts at TLC Trees and Co for guidance on the type of tree work you’ll need. 

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