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If you’re looking for tree removal Brisbane Northside residents can rely on, our team at TLC Trees and Co can help! We’re a Brisbane North-based company offering professional tree cutting, removal, trimming, and pruning services. With 10 years of experience in the field, our licensed tree surgeon and tree loppers have been serving the local suburbs for a long time.

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Tree removal near me?

We can handle Palm tree removal, Stump grinding, Tree pruning, and more! 

From tree pruning to stump removal, we can handle all sorts of tree work in Brisbane North. This includes lopping, trimming, pruning, cutting, and removal. Our range of arboriculture services provides your trees with the highest levels of care that they deserve. We’ve served hundreds of property owners and have many happy customers because of our quality workmanship and compliance with local guidelines.  

Experienced team of licensed and fully Insured Tree surgeon

No one wants an unqualified Arborist Brisbane Northside handling tree work on their property. That’s why all our tree removal experts are AQF 5 qualified. It ensures that our licensed team offers tree services with the highest levels of safety and quality. Our team is well-versed with local safety codes, ensuring that each job is carried out with care to prevent any risk of damage or injury. We’re fully insured to prevent any liability concerns and are equipped with the latest tools and machinery for an efficient process.

Reasons You Need Expert Tree Removal 

Tree lopping and tree removal are essential to maintain your garden’s look and safety. Here are a few reasons you may need our tree removal service: 

  • Storm damage has weakened your trees, making them a safety hazard
  • It’s leaning over a public walkway 
  • It’s encroaching on your neighbor’s property
  • It’s obstructing views or branches are entangled in power lines
  • The roots are disrupting your home’s foundation 
  • It’s diseased and can bring in pests 
  • Part of the land clearing to build a pool, patio, etc.

As a company that aims to remove trees in the safest and most efficient manner, our first approach is to save them with tree trimming and pruning. This addresses overgrowth, improves the tree’s appearance, and prevents the tree from causing potential damage. 

Why choose us For expert Tree removal Brisbane Northside services?

Wondering how TLC Trees and Co provides quality tree removal and tree pruning across Brisbane’s Northside? Here’s what makes us the locals’ top choice: 


We're Qualified For The Job!

Each member of our team is highly trained and is made to complete all levels of tree care-related education. And with a decade of experience offering tree care services across Brisbane Northern, we have a deeper understanding of the issues local property owners face and how to fix them.


We Survey The Area

Before removing a tree, we make sure to survey the surrounding areas to look out for any potential safety hazards or structures that need to be worked around. We plan out whether to lop off some parts of the tree or cut it down entirely. While some cases allow us to cut it down in one go, others require step-by-step cutting. 


Safest Removal Practices

To provide tree care in the safest way, we work in accordance with health and safety codes to prevent the risk of injury or property damage. Each job complies with Australian standards of practice to ensure integrity and reliability. 


Post-Job Stump Removal

After cutting down the tree, our highly skilled team cleans up the area by mulching the excess wood and grinding the stump. This way, we prevent a trip hazard, keep uninvited pests, and leave your garden looking better than before. 


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Now that you know how important it can be to remove a damaged tree, don’t put off calling our fully qualified team to get the job done. Get in touch with TLC Trees and Co today and get an obligation free quote!

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